Are You Ready For The Challenges Of Your Next Project?

Project execution has changed; everything needs to be faster. Tighter budgets, cost, and schedule pressures increase while projects become more complex. The same legacy solution that worked perfectly several years ago now needs to be upgraded to modern design solutions.


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CAESAR II Webinar: Using Load Case Multipliers To Expand Load Conditions

Come experience the CAESAR II Static Load Case Editor in the live webinar with Richard Aye, P.E. The Static Load Case Editor is very powerful, providing complete control and customization of static load cases.

Expand your analysis capabilities of load conditions

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CAESAR II Webinar: CAESAR II Stress Isometrics Using Isogen & I-Configure

This session will provide quick tips for customizing stress isometrics generated by CAESAR II.

While it is easy to create a default-format stress ISO with input/output/custom annotations in CAESAR II, it can be tricky to understand how to customize your own

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Excel In Brownfield Project Execution – Watch Our New Video

Today, many companies face unprecedented challenges from low commodity prices and fierce competition. We can see how more and more projects are either being canceled or postponed while more companies are chasing fewer projects. You can read more about brownfield

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