BricsCAD is the modern CAD alternative. It is based on DWG, and it is compatible with everything you know. BricsCAD is available as a perpetual license that you can buy once and use forever.

For 2D drafting

BricsCAD offers unique tools to help you get more work done faster in 2D. Powered by advanced machine learning technologies, these workflows are designed to speed tasks that often take hours or more in the industry-standard CAD product.

Familiar CAD

AutoCAD® 2021 compatible

There’s no need to change your printers, templates, blocks or sheet set layouts to move to BricsCAD – everything is 100% compatible and in DWG.

Lisp Routines

You can run LISP routines developed in AutoCAD® and other CAD applications, and develop your own in BricsCAD (BLADE)
When you’re ready to start migrating, you’ll find that there are virtually no differences in BricsCAD LISP versus OtherLISP. Your code loads and runs, and the functionality is identical. The primary differences when “porting” your apps will be a few minor setup steps, command line structure, and possibly file locations. To start, let review the setup and launch of your existing programs in BricsCAD.
If you are auto-launching your programs using Acad.lsp or Acaddoc.lsp, you will simply need to rename and or combine those files into a single file named “on_start.lsp”. To enable this feature, simply toggle the option in Settings / Program options / System:

Use AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks

BricsCAD reads, displays and employs Dynamic Blocks created in AutoCAD® without restriction.

Efficient CAD

Drawing explorer

Drawing Explorer centralizes in BricsCAD what in other CAD platforms amounts to as many separate dialog boxes. Easy to navigate, easy to search.


A “head-up” command palette that predicts your command usages and offers one-click access to them.


A versatile tool that lets you move, copy, rotate, scale and mirror selected entities, without starting a specific command.

Adaptive grid snapping

Create accurately with a dynamic snap grid that changes to reflect your zoom level.
The adaptive grid snap feature lets you create, edit, nudge and manipulate entities using concise values without keyboard entry. The snap step size is adapted according to the current screen zoom factor
The adaptive grid snap is active if SNAPTYPE = 2. This system variable overrides SNAPMODE.
The AdaptiveGridStepSize user preference controls the smallest available step size; default = 4 pixels.

Nearest distance

View and modify the distance between two entities without starting a command.

Automate Parametrics

BricsCAD’s AI quickly adds parametric intelligence to otherwise dumb solids. It’s the fastest way to create families of smart, table-driven parts.

Stable CAD

Leverage multi-core CPUs

BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to speed product performance for file loads, drawing generation and rendering.

High performance graphics engine

BricsCAD uses Redway3D graphics system to deliver great performance in both 2D and 3D operations, regardless of drawing size.

PDF and BIG TIFF underlay

We use a multi-resolution, persistent image cache to display PDF underlays, enabling super-fast zoom and pan operations.

Stackable Panels

Stack any combination of panels and display them as tabs or icons in an expandable panel strip.

Get Started Page

The new in-product Start page shows large thumbnails of your recently opened drawings, and makes it easy to start a new drawing, from scratch or from a template.

Bricsys 24/7 Panel

The built-in Bricsys 24/7 panel gives you instant access to updates and ensures you always have the latest version. Download, view and edit natively.


Automatically convert a selected set of entities, and all matching sets of entities, to blocks with a few simple clicks.

Site tools

Quickly create and modify TIN surfaces, gradings, and alignments for site design.

Dynamic UCS for 2D entities

Increase your 2D drawing productivity by temporarily aligning the UCS with selected entities for both 3D and 2D entities.

Point Clouds

Easily preprocess common point cloud file formats, including RCP and RCS files, directly from BricsCAD to produce a highly efficient VRM (Virtual Reality Model) file format.