A complete mechanical design toolkit, all in .dwg. Assemble freely using the power of 3D Direct Modeling.

Why BricsCAD Mechanical

Create sheet metal part designs that are resilient

BricsCAD is free from the conceptual errors that plague history-based MCAD modeling systems. Your designs can be modified without the worry of failure, because we combine the freedom of direct modeling with the power of feature-based design.

A complete mechanical design toolkit, all in .dwg.

Regardless of what people may believe, the .dwg file format is most suitable for the future of mechanical CAD design.

Parametric Components

Create parametric components from 3D solids. Copy & paste them across assemblies.

3D Assembly Modeling

The power of Direct Modeling in BricsCAD lets you choose how you work.

3D Drawing Compare

Compare two 3D models and see the differences both graphically and in the Mechanical Browser.

Free-form Modeling

A versatile, integrated toolset combines 2D, 3D, curve, surface, solid and parametric for fast and easy shape creation, evaluation and editing.

Automatic Drawing View Creation

Automatically generate associative orthographic and standard isometric views of 3D solid models.

BOM Generation

Generate an associative Bill of Material automatically, and place it anywhere in your drawing.

BricsCAD Mechanical Modules

Part design

  • Direct 3D modeling
  • Freeform modeling
  • Smart Selection
  • 3D Constraints
  • Surface modeling
  • Feature copying
  • Design intent recognition
  • Repair imported geometry
  • Parametric feature

Assembly design

  • Mechanical browser
  • 30000+ standard parts
  • Kinematics analysis
  • External and local components
  • User-defined parametric components
  • Materials and mass properties
  • Top-down and bottom-up design
  • Assembly constraints
  • Exploded views

Sheet Metal

  • Feature Coloring
  • Bend and corner reliefs
  • Unfold
  • Base and edge flanges
  • Lofted Bends
  • Rework imported parts
  • Bends and junctions
  • Form features
  • Batch Processing

Drawing generation

  • Base and projected views
  • Associative dimensions
  • Section views
  • Bill of materials
  • Detail views
  • Balloons