BIM software for everyone

Your perfect BIM workflow

Capture your ideas immediately as a 3D design

Sculpt your ideas in solids from the start. Experience the power of free-form modeling with full CAD accuracy.

Model your way to continuous LOD

A model with a high LOD gives you one single source of truth with the right quantity take-offs and more accurate data.


Use artificial intelligence to help you automatically replicate details throughout your BIM.

AI-aided BIM tools


Turn your design concept into a full BIM in an instant using machine learning to automatically classify building elements.


Easy Drawing Generation automatically created from your 3D model. Update the model, and all sheets update in sync.

BIM Features

Parametric Stair Modeler

In just a few clicks, BIMSTAIR enables the creation of a complete parametric staircase, supporting straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped stairs.


AUTOMATCH will automatically match and complete BIM information, such as missing compositions, properties, and more.

Grasshopper Connection

The connection with Grasshopper bridges the gap between algorithmic and building information modeling in a real-time and bi-direction workflow.

Enscape Connection

Enscape provides quality real-time rendering integrated into the design workflow by leveraging existing BIM data.

Propagate Details Library

Parametric Propagate makes it possible to parametrize and save the details in the library for their future re-use at any time in any model.

BCF Panel

BCF panel simplifies the communication of model-based issues with other applications. It provides an overview of the opened issues, their status, as well as issue assignees.


IFC4 enables the export and import of IFC4 models with improved support for NURBS and handling of meshes.

Elevation Hatches

Elevation hatches for 2D elevations with generated textures or solid fills of a composition.

Bricsys 24/7 Panel

The 24/7 Panel elevates design collaboration between teams for project and product data management.