General interface
  • Improved tab interface and enhanced Quick Access Panel functionality
  • Improved search includes pipe and junction notes, names and numbers
  • Output reports in German and Chinese languages
  • Main menus are translated into available output languages

Graph Results

  • Multiple Graphs Sets can be added to Graph Folders for easy generation and display
  • Multiple graph tabs on primary window Graph tab
  • Multiple parameters can be stacked on separate graphs using the same X-axis
  • Secondary Y-parameter for most graph types
  • Multiple graphs tiled on same Graph tab
  • Multiple graphs can be animated at the same time
  • New graphs can be defined directly from the Workspace
  • New parameters such as Kv, Cv rate of change, valve position, liquid accumulator volume
  • Easy formatting of titles, axis labels, and plot lines
  • Plot series lines can be turned on/off for quick inspection
  • Graph controls now located on the Quick Access Panel for easy graph definition and changes
  • Animations can be saved in MP4 and QuickTime formats
  • New Graph Guide to quickly direct new and experienced users to basic and advanced graphing features
Scenario Manager
  • Scenario manager shows which scenarios have output
  • Ability to create child scenarios without results saving duplication and load time
  • New paste preview mode allows the pipes and junctions to be placed where desired and will indicate interference with existing objects on the Workspace
  • GIS shape files can be imported to create a model
  • Text alignment options in annotations
  • Annotations can be layered on the Workspace


  • Results Diagrams which graphically show data for pumps

Visual Report

  • Automatic Color Map generation


  • Design Alerts are specified and named globally and applied to pipes
  • New Design Alerts available


  • New Turbine junction type
  • Surge Anticipator valve  capability added to the Relief Valve
  • Remote pressure sensing capability added to the Relief Valve
  • Improved clarity for data entry in the Reservoir/Tank Property window
  • Automatic generation of Cv vs. Time using equal percentage or linear profiles
  • New events basedon Cv or Kv
  • Maximum pressure setting for Gas Accumulators simulates a relief valve
  • When the speed is set for a pump, both the original and modified pump curves are shown on the Pump Property window
  • Design Alerts can be applied to junctions
  • New dynamic check valve model
  • New method from Thorley for estimating reverse velocity through check valves at closure
  • New Force Summary report available in the output showing all applied force sets
  • New Design Alerts can be applied to Force Sets and shown in the Force Summary
  • New Force report in Model Data showing the input details
  • Force definitions can be imported from an Excel file

Animations can be saved in MP4 and QuickTime formats

Enhanced check valve modeling based on inertia