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BricsCAD BIM: From sketch, to BIM, to detail.
Combine the accuracy of solid modeling with the simplicity of sketching programs.
From V17, the BIM functionality will be available as an optional module that is licensed separately. As a loyal Platinum All-In subscriber you’ll receive this module for free.

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Modeling in BricsCAD BIM
One program for everything
With BricsCAD BIM you can design walls, windows, doors and more from scratch, or use the extensive design sets to just drag and drop elements. Easy, fast and smart.

Finish your project on time and on budget
Use BIM for all stages, from sketch, to BIM, to detail
Increase productivity and explore more designs
Manage your BIM project in the cloud with Chapoo

Conceptual design
Combine the accuracy of solid modeling with the simplicity of the most popular Sketch programs – 3D modeling becomes as simple as push/pull
In the conceptual phase don’t bother too much about which materials or compositions you want to use. BricsCAD BIM is designed to allow for such decisions at all times during the process.
Thanks to its built-in Artificial Intelligence Engine, BricsCAD intelligently distinguishes walls, columns, beams and other building elements from one another. BricsCAD classifies the used elements automatically.
The BIM process
Here, the conceptual model starts to evolve into a full-fledged BIM project. Provide the model with the required level of detail and connect your database. Then, start generating the required reports and keep them synced with each modification.
After the conceptual design is approved, there’s no need to start all over again. Just add more data to the model until it becomes a mature BIM project.
The system contains a powerful database which you can customize to your own needs and working habits. It contains all tools required for building your office-standard database.
Continue to use your favorite 2D drafting platform and keep all your work in the loop. Seamlessly connect your 2D and 3D details to the BIM model.
2D will always be part of completing a building project. BricsCAD BIM allows you to keep using your familiar .dwg platform while working in the BIM frame. No need to switch to another file format for completing your details. You can now safely complement your automatically generated details with text and annotations. BricsCAD BIM will alert you of any new modification potentially influencing your annotations.
Cloud collaboration
Exchange models and details with others via the cloud. Use the IFC standard to check – back and forth – information in other models*. Allow others to view and explore combined 3D geometry and data in the 3D browser-based viewer*.
Want to check your models with those of other disciplines (e.g. MEP or structural)? BricsCAD BIM comes with IFC import and export functions, allowing you to compare side by side.
Enhanced BIM functions
With BricsCAD BIM you can design walls, windows, doors and more from scratch, or use the extensive design sets to just drag and drop elements. Easy, fast and smart.
BricsCAD BIM allows you to easily modify positions and dimensions. To design walls in BIM, draw their footprints in 2D and then pull them up to the desired level. You can also specify their level by entering dimensions interactively.

Windows and doors
Arrays of windows and doors are included in the BricsCAD BIM design sets. To specify windows and doors, choose or modify a design from the library or create your own designs from scratch.
Easily attach information to building elements
BIM allows you to attach information to building elements with the very same flexibility you find in BricsCAD 3D modeling. The software stores building materials and compositions in its project database, which is accessible through the dockable BIM panel.
Building materials contain information about specific materials along with layer names and rendering definitions. You can add a custom number of tags to a building composition. Those tags will serve as a filter when searching through your database for compositions.
Reuse compositions across projects
The library database included with BricsCAD allows you to reuse compositions and building materials across multiple BIM projects. To share information among databases, simply drag building materials and compositions from one database to another.

Drawing generation
The redesigned drawing generation feature lets you generate sheet sets in just seconds. The dockable sheet set manager offers smooth navigation between the project drawings.


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