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Oracle SOA Suite 12c, the latest version of the industry’s most complete and unified application integration and SOA solution, meets this challenge. With simplified cloud, mobile, on-premises and Internet of Things (IoT) integration capabilities, all within a single platform, Oracle SOA Suite 12c delivers faster time to integration, increased productivity and lower TCO.

Advanced service-oriented integration puts the control in your hands with an enterprise service bus (ESB), managed file transfer (MFT), business-to-business capabilities (EDI and more), and analytics. Available in the cloud, on premises, or both. It’s your choice.

Features Overview

  • Application adapters for any ERP, human capital management (HCM), and customer experience (CX) solution
  • Prebuilt integration recipes for best-practice reuse
  • Supported business accelerators embedded in SaaS
  • Process automation with drag-and-drop designers
  • Visual app builder for mobile and web apps in minutes
  • Business insight across end-to-end digital processes
  • Machine-learning recommendations for easy data mapping
  • Business-to-business capabilities for electronic data interchange (EDI) and more