Here I would like to discuss about the essential properties automatically propagating over to subsequent elements in Caesar II.

What happens when you define properties like pipe diameter, schedule/Wall Thk, temperature, pressure etc. to an element? Did you notice that you need not to enter these properties again for following element? This is a helpful feature in Caeasar II that, when you define properties on an element, the software carries forward these properties to all subsequent model elements thereafter, until you explicitly change the property value.

But what if you want to change these properties? I believe you are not going to change this very often. Below figure is going to explain you which property is going to be retained when you go over a new element and which you might want to change based on your requirement.

In below spreadsheet image from Caesar II piping input properties shown below in orange are carrying forwarded to next element:

ImageGrafix Software FZCO - Propagating Caesar II properties Step1

In the same image properties depicting in yellow are going to get changed based on pipe routing.

Check the Element List below, here it shows explicit data values in red and carry-forward properties in gray. This notation makes verification and editing quick and easy.

ImageGrafix Software FZCO - Propagating Caesar II properties Step2

CAESAR II 2014 (Version 7.0) introduced a new feature where you can edit certain properties namely pressure temperature, schedule etc. over a block data, using the Legend dialog boxes. These dialog boxes helps you to review input properties graphically and added editing capabilities to the Legend dialog box values. You just need to double-click a value, Caesar II interface displays an Edit box in which you can specify a new value. This updates the edited value immediately in the piping input and on the model.

Check out the image below which depicts the new value edition in Legend dialog box:

ImageGrafix Software FZCO - Propagating Caesar II properties Step3