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Hexagon Smart Build

Next-generation construction management SaaS technology that layers schedule and cost progress tracking over a 3D model for powerful 4D and 5D real-time progress and cost deviation tracking.



Features Clarity. Connectivity. Simplicity. From the Ground Up.

Construction projects require years of planning and execution. They involve hundreds of people and millions of dollars of investment. Each project demands a high level of orchestration, beginning with design and modelling, preparing the construction plan, budgeting, communicating detailed instructions, tracking variances and changes.

HxGN SMART Build is a next-generation construction management SaaS technology that layers schedule and cost progress tracking over a 3D model for powerful 4D and 5D real-time progress and cost deviation tracking.

The result is well-informed, fast decisions that ensure projects are delivered on budget and on time.

Pre-Construction Phase

SMART Build supports the pre-construction project phase by providing the ability to import designs and project documentation, generate takeoff, create detailed plans and work instructions and communicate with everyone on the team in real time with role-based access to the information.

Model Management features:

  • Import and aggregate 3D BIM models from various design and construction sources including Revit models and IFC models to create a unified model
  • Model and digital layout alignment tools provide a simple means to integrate multiple models and align construction layout points with BIM models
  • Basic and advanced model change management capabilities track BIM updates and optimise planning by updating work packages and quantities

Planning and Scheduling features:

  • Link models and project plans from Primavera and Microsoft Project to create detailed 4D schedules
  • Reconcile changing model plans with estimates to revise schedules and costs
  • Integration with EcoSys provides enterprise-scale project estimating and budgeting
  • Pre-construction work packages allow BIM visualisation during planning

Construction Phase

SMART Build supports the construction execution phase with the ability to execute plans and instructions, capture and report progress and deviations, analyse earned value and establish accountability to increase efficiency and reduce errors that result in costly rework.

 Project Cost Controls features:

  • Integration with EcoSys provides a complete enterprise project cost control solution to manage costs within and across a portfolio of projects
  • Work progress status delivered from the field to EcoSys provides real-time updates and visibility into financial status
  • Critical KPIs with underlying data reported from EcoSys are presented in easy-to-understand dashboard format
  • Integration with contract management and budgeting and estimating capabilities

Project Management and Tracking features:

  • Work packages are easily created based on the custom library of construction best-practice recipes
  • Work packages linked to the project schedule can be visualised based on progress in the 3D model
  • Desktop browser and mobile apps, including iOS and Android apps, deliver work packages to the field
  • Point and model data exchange between SMART Build and Total Stations allows quick and accurate location of building elements and feedback once construction occurs
  • Browser-based access with zero-footprint architecture allows project participants at every level to access models and work packages anytime, anywhere

Document Management

Hexagon Smartbuild DMDC Document Management

This module covers the management of documents from project & engineering teams, vendors, subcontractors and other administrative documents includes Change Order Proposal, Request For Information, Non Conformities, including correspondences e.g. letters, emails & etc

Relationships  to PBS, WBS, etc.

Documents can be related to many objects in the system which assists in the search and retrieval of documents as well as filtering of document lists. In terms of document searching, DMDC supports also Full Text Retrieval.

Revision / Version Management

Managing document revisions, allocating revisions in accordance with the revision scheme to be applied. Also managing file attachments including reference files through the check-in and check-out process. Each check-in resulting in a version increment of a working revision.

Transmittal Management

Transmittals provide a formalized document distribution mechanism, to control and track what documents are issued to whom and why via the Distribution Matrices. The format to be sent can be defined as an electronic copy or a notification to access the documents in the system.

Workflow Management

Workflow provides a mechanism to route information and notify recipients of the tasks they are to undertake. Workflows are user configurable and can be applied to any process in DMDC, e.g. Document approval, Transmittals, etc. Provides full  audit and traceability reports

Document Viewing & Mark Up

Provides a common tool for viewing and mark-up. The mark-up process is nondestructive in that multiple users can create independent mark-up layers to which access can be controlled.

Security / Confidentiality

Supports fully configurable secure, managed and audited environment. User access is controlled by role assignment and based on lifecycle status, e.g. check out, edit, check in, update, comment and etc.

Reporting & Progress Tracking

  • Multiple types of Reporting Capabilities
  • Document Deliverables Register
  • Multiple types of Reporting Capabilities
  • Document Deliverables Register
  • Document / Transmittal Progress