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FE/Pipe™ Template-based FEA of complex PVP structures

A purpose built FEA tool to analyze individual or multi-component geometries to consider the interaction between multiple nozzles, saddles, clips, lugs, bends, etc.



FE/Pipe is PRG’s complete and full-featured FEA package for the pressure vessel and piping engineer. Analyze individual or multi-component geometries to consider the interaction between multiple nozzles, saddles, clips, lugs, bends, etc


These modules were designed to add increased ease-of-use & design for the most common analytical needs. All of these modules use the FEA engine from FE/Pipe to perform the high-level calculations and reporting. All of the following modules are included with FE/Pipe v6.5 (Feb 2012 edition) as specialized templates.

NozzlePRO is a single-component analysis tool for piping and pressure vessels. Analyze individual nozzles, clips, lugs or saddles. Clients get NozzlePRO with the purchase of an FE/Pipe license, or NozzlePRO and its bundled programs can be purchased as a separate product.

AxiPRO analyzes axisymmetric geometries as well as brick models of flanged joints using FEA technology. The methods used in AxiPRO also use nonlinear gasket properties based on additional tests at the PRG Laboratory. MatPRO is an exhaustive database of ASME material properties that can be used with PRG and third party software products. MatPRO also includes calculators for high temperature analysis, fatigue allowable comparisons, Fitness for Service evaluations and creep fatigue.

661PRO analyses header box nozzles for air-cooled heat exchangers. It performs tube load analysis from mul tiple nozzle loads per ASME Section VIII-1 Appendix A. All nozzle loads are applied to the perfora ted tubesheet and analyzed per ASME 2004-Div 2 Art 4-9


All of the “PRO” modules described above are bundled with FE/Pipe and customers who do NOT maintain a software support plan (Service Plan) with PRG will retain the use of those modules but will lose the right to support and software updates. The modules listed below, the “FE” modules and PCL-Gold, are only available to customers that MAINTAIN a current software support agreement (Service Plan). The FE modules were designed to add increased ease-of-use & design capabilities for the most common analysis needs. All of the following modules are included with an active FE/Pipe v6.5 service plan.

FE107 provides stress analysis of nozzle connections on piping and pressure vessels. It replaces WRC107 as a calculation tool that can be applied when WRC107 semi-empirical methods are limited. FE107 can be applied to a wide range of geometries.

FESIF automatically calculates stress intensification factors (SIFs) and flexibility factors for a wide variety of piping intersections not covered by the B31 piping codes.

FEBEND analyzes individual bends with circular or structural attachments. It produces SIFs and Flexibilities for use in any pipe stress program. It evaluates stresses due to axial temperature gradient in the attachment. The program allows for the inclusion of local pad reinforcement on structural or circular attachments.

FETEE analyzes individual welding tees. It includes probabilistic seismic/wind/impact fatigue contribution; i-factor and k-factor spreadsheets for FEA comparison; automatic multiple load case friction cycle consumption; and ASM B16.9 database for welding tees. If not available, automatic crotch profile thickness values can be automatically generated based on run and branch thicknesses.

PCL-GOLD applies FEA accuracy to standard pipe stress analysis. The program allows for the proper analysis of path dependent friction, pressure cycling calculations included with evaluation of external piping loads, multiple load cases, i-factors and k-factors, 18 dof calculations for refractory-lined or glass-line pipe, rotating equipment reports, etc.