The tank foundation design solution ds-Tank3D completes ringwall type foundation design for small and large storage tanks. It completes bearing capacity, stability, sliding, uplift analysis and concrete design, all in one integrated environment. ds-Tank3D is hosted in the application framework called dsAppManager as a separate product and can also be saved as a type of workspace in Foundation3D.

Main Features

Multiple Projects: Create multiple projects and organize them according to the design needs

Multiple Tank Workspaces: Create multiple tank workspaces in each project to keep various tank designs in one location

International Design Codes: Supports many concrete design codes to help complete  global projects

User Defined Parameters: Provides many user defined parameters such as consider or not consider soil frictional and/or passive resistance to resist overturning, sliding uplift, hoop tension, choice of safety factors in overturning, sliding, uplift, and many others to help meet various types of project specifications

Many Tank Input Parameters: Allows input of various tank parameters such as product load, test load, internal pressure loads, wind & seismic loads, twisting moment etc.

Load Cases and Combinations: Generates commonly used load cases and combinations for tank ringwall design saving significant design time

Hoop Tension and Twisting Moment Analysis: Completes hoop tension and twisting moment calculations for each load combination

Concrete Design: Completes concrete design for applied axial loads, shears and moments providing a complete structural solution

Rebar Layouts: Provides multiple rebar layouts with customization options for hoop tension and longitudinal bars in the ringwall

Detailed Design Sketches: Generates a detailed design sketch with plan, elevation and section allowing to summarize the completed design effectively

Report Selection Options: Allows report customization by selecting report sections to include in the report for internal or client needs