General purpose spread and combined foundation design software for use on many different types of foundation design projects.



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Combined3D is a general purpose spread and combined (two load points on a single footing) foundation design software for use on many different types of foundation design projects. Whether you are designing foundations for your industrial, residential or other commercial projects, Combined3D will help you complete them in minutes. With its Windows-based, easy-to-learn graphical interface, Combined3D will help you increase your productivity significantly. It will serve as a valuable tool on your foundation design projects.

Features and Functions

Many Design Codes

Supports many concrete design codes to help complete your global projects

User Defined Parameters

Provides many customizable design options such as concrete cover, pile arrangement and many others to help meet various types of project specifications

Load Cases and Combinations

Generates commonly used load cases and combinations for foundation design saving you significant design time

Soil/Pile Supported Designs

Completes both soil and pile supported foundation designs in an integrated environment, allowing you to consider many “what-if” scenarios for an optimal solution

Multiple Foundation Components Design

Completes design of various components of a foundation such as pedestals, mats or pile caps, saving you the cost of learning multiple software solutions

Rebar Layouts

Provides rebar layouts in pedestals and mats with customization options

Material Quantities

Generates material quantities so that you can provide accurate cost estimates to your customers every time, at every phase of the project

Detailed Design Sketches

Generates detailed design sketches with mat foundation plan, elevation and sections, including custom sections, allowing you to summarize the completed design effectively

2D Drawings

Interfaces with popular CAD engines to generate 2D construction drawings, helping you manage your design-drawing environment and human resources effectivel y

Multiple Reporting Options

Generates different kinds of customizable reports for your internal or client needs

Additional Features

Considers buoyancy effects
Supports unlimited number and type of load cases and combinations
Allows selection from multiple methods of calculating bearing pressures on the footing base
Completes design based on the percent base required in compression for soil supported foundations
Allows symmetrical and unsymmetrical arrangement of piles
Considers wide beam and punching shear in footing and pile cap design
Supports positive and negative reinforcement in the footing and pile cap
Allows anchor bolt arrangement on pedestals for display on sketches, drawings and models
Provides an option to consider perimeter soil resistance on mat foundations subjected to high uplift loads

Detailed Design Sketches

Foundation Plan: Plan, Elevation and Section Views with reinforcement and dimensions
Pile Location Plan: Pile layout plan with compression, tension piles and dimensions for pile supported foundations

Construction Drawings



MS Excel

Technical Specifications

Units: English, Metric and SI compatible
Building Codes: American Code ACI 318 2011, Australian Code AS 3600 2009, British Code BSI 8110 1997, Canadian Code CSA A23.3 04, International Building Code IBC 2006, Euro Code EN 1992-1-1 2004, Indian Code IS 456 2000, Singapore Code CP 65 1999
Rebar Tables : Customizable English and Metric Rebar tables
2D CAD Interface: Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation,