Fluid Properties:

Bulk Modulus of Elasticity Kinematic Viscosity Specific Heat, cp
Compressibility Factor Molecular Weight Specific Heat, cv
Critical Pressure Phase Specific Volume
Critical Temperature Prandtl Number Surface Tension
Density Pressure Temperature
Enthalpy Quality Temperature Superheat/Subcooled
Entropy Saturation Pressure Thermal Conductivity
Internal Energy Saturation Temperature Viscosity
Isentropic Expansion Coef.,Gamma Sonic Velocity Volume Expansivity

Chempak Property Database

Comprehensive thermo-physical properties on a wide range of fluids for AFT’s family of pipe flow modeling software products.

  • For incompressible pipe flow analysis
    • data on ~700 fluids for AFT Fathom and AFT Impulse
    • assemble non-reacting static mixtures
  • For compressible flow analysis
    • data on ~600 gases for AFT Arrow
    • model both static mixtures and dynamic mixing resulting from intersecting flow streams
  • Fluids listed by up to 3 commonly used names
  • Fluids listed by formula and chemical structure
  • Sort on any of the identifiers

Chempak Viewer

The viewer to access the Chempak Property Database as a stand-alone application are now for free in all AFT software.

  • Assemble non-reacting mixtures on a mass or mole basis.
  • Calculate fluid or mixture properties for any combination of the available input parameters as a single point, two point or a range of inputs.
  • Save or set your parameter and unit preferences as the default.
  • Save and reload input sets.
  • Save fluid and mixture sets for quick recall using the Recent Fluids list.
  • Specify a name for any fluid or mixture and it appears along with the standard Chempak name.
  • Change units ‘on the fly’ by double-clicking an output column header.


  • Chempak Viewer provides both text and graphical output.
  • Configure which parameters are displayed, display order and units.
  • Supports English and SI units.
  • Export as a PDF file or to a spreadsheet for additional calculations.
  • Select a portion of the output and paste into a spreadsheet.
  • Customize your graphs using colors, axis scale, titles, markers and more.
  • Use your graphs in other documents.