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Asta Easyplan

Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations.



Simple Planning Software for Small Projects – Powerproject & Powerproject Enterprise / Powerproject BIM Easyplan

An easy-to-use project planning tool designed specifically for small projects Small projects are often seen as easier to manage and can get overlooked in the planning process dooming the project to fail from the start. However, applying best practices and creating accurate schedules for smaller projects is possible without having to spend hours or investing in complex software. Asta Easyplan is an easy-to-use planning tool designed specifically for the planning, managing and delivery of smaller projects. Novices and seasoned planners alike will find Asta Easyplan quick and simple to use, with project wizards to take you step-by-step through the planning and management of projects.

“Powerproject & Powerproject Enterprise / Powerproject BIM Easyplan is perfect for our site managers to quickly plan and arrange their works, with an easy-to-use interface and excellent wizards, which make creating, maintaining and reporting on progress perfectly simple, as well as allowing them to convey their ideas quickly and easily.” Tony McChrystal, Planner, Nobles Construction Ltd
Costs and resources can be assigned to each task enabling you to accurately track your project spend, helping you to maximise your profits and control your outgoings. Histograms provide a visual overview of your workflow, allowing you to see where new projects can be started.
Asta Easyplan includes 50 template borders and the border editing tool Asta Powerdraw, so that you can easily create professional, personalized plans that can improve communications between you and your clients and set you apart from the competition when bidding for new contracts.
Powerproject & Powerproject Enterprise / Powerproject BIM Easyplan allows you to share files with Powerproject & Powerproject Enterprise / Powerproject BIM Powerproject, Primavera and Microsoft Project opening up the opportunities available to your organization. This also makes Asta Easyplan an effective and affordable option for managing smaller projects within a larger, more complex programme managed withinPowerproject & Powerproject Enterprise / Powerproject BIM.

With Powerproject & Powerproject Enterprise / Powerproject BIM Easyplan you can:

  • Draw activities directly onto a bar chart
  • Link tasks to logical order of activities
  • Apply duration, resources and progress to activities
  • Add up to 250 tasks per project
  • See a clear graphical progress line for accurate progress tracking
  • Present professional, personalized project plans
  • Track fixed project costs using cost centers
  • See graphical histograms clearly illustrating workflow
  • Share project data with other systems such as Asta Powerproject
  • Contact us today to discuss your project planning needs and the solution that’s right for you.