In this Webinar you will learn:

  1. Improve SIF(i) & Flexbility factor (k) with “More Applicable Data” calculated from ASME B 31J  over  Appendix D.
  2. Revised I & k  data which will enable pipe stress engineers to have total confidence that a given design is carried out in accordance with the intent of the code using the latest, fully tested and approved more ‘accurate’ data, without unnecessary over or under conservatism.
  3. Better and ‘more applicable data’ helps to ensure cost effective, safer systems, fewer or zero failures whilst facilitating a more efficient project workflow with fewer unnecessary system changes (i.e. to resolve problems which don’t exist in practice).

Speaker Bio

Deepak Sethia, a Mechanical Engineer by profession is working as Application Engineer, Plant Design Solution with ImageGrafix Software FZCO, Dubai.