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ImageGrafix Integration services can integrate Hexagon PPM and/or Primavera applications with your other business systems to meet the high level of functionality demanded by all users. We offer a systematic approach to integrating existing applications and engineering / project management processes. Engineering, Procurement and project management are such a central part of the day-to-day operations of many organizations. It is a common requirement that the engineering & project management systems be integrated with such systems as ERP, Asset management, Document management system, estimation tool and reporting such as Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher.

ImageGrafix applications Integration services enables communication between all involved groups, allowing intimate, yet controlled, interaction with the enterprise’s core engineering and project management information. The entire enterprise systems landscape must look and act as one integrated and unified environment to customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • We come with more than 25 years of intense and diversified expertise in engineering operational technologies.
  • We closely work with our clients to analyze the demand and implement the changes to upgrade the business enabling technologies to convert into an effective, result-oriented, focused, and efficient advanced digital environment.
  • All our solutions are multifaceted and flexible to adapt any ongoing change and transform any challenge to achieve success in operational processes. We integrate your existing process systems to state-of-the-art business facilities in an up to the minute digital environment.
  • We believe that there is no one size fits all for any particular problem. Thus, we follow a technology-agnostic approach to digitally innovate processes, documents, drawings, and data.
  • Development of a well-defined digital twin roadmap estimating digital potentials and initiation, establishment, and support 2D and 3D implementation of digitalized services
  • All our solutions are customized to meet present day problems and designed to adapt upgradations to meet upcoming challenges.
  • Our digital modernization approach improves existing processes, accelerates efficiencies, and reduces overall costs by energy management, diagnostics, and process optimization.
  • Incorporation, channelizing and empowering all your data through Data-driven solutions leveraging most advanced technologies like advanced analytics, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for betterment of secure, maintenance and engineering while making the process information and assets more user friendly.
  • Efficient Workflow Blueprint – Our smart, meticulous, efficient workflow blueprint recognizes the need and evolves with the identification of the action plans to fulfill and achieve the goal of continuing development, efficiency, and innovations.
  • Holistic, value based and Time-bound Asset Information Management
    • We create and implement time-bound strategies holistically to transform your assets, information, and processes with evolving technology solutions to achieve operational excellence by minimalizing risks, reduction of costs, maintenance, improvement of safety and security and achieving flexibility to face any industry challenge in future.
    • Substandard, negligent, and faulty asset and process information leads to risks, downtime leading to revenue leakage. We recognize each management pain points, crisis areas and to confront them, we chalk out a sturdy asset information system.
  • Enhancing Performance
    • We implement high quality digital structural frameworks to improve precision, entirety, acquiescence, congruence and above all efficiency in each operational processes that ensures slick and smooth-running of each asset and process safety information throughout the entire life cycle.
    • We enable client in more effective and efficient data driven decision making thus ensuring risk management, reduction of cost and risk.
  • Eradication of risks of asset failure risks and ensuring process safety. – Identifying and removal of all poor assets and process safety information thus minimalizing any risk factors and ensuring full proof safety in every stratum.
  • Improving Remote Operations – Implementing a high quality safe, compliant, adjustable, and accessible asset data and information systems making creation of a remote workforce a reality in the organization.  rove your ability to make remote operations a reality.

Integration Services are offered:

  • Business Process Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Application Integration
  • Integration APIs / Web services
  • Data Conversion / Migration
  • Custom development
  • Web Application Design
  • Installations & Upgrades
  • Implementation Planning
  • Training & Rollout
  • Production Support

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