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CAESAR II CAESAR II is the Pipe Stress Analysis standard against which all others are measured and compared. The CAESAR II incorporates a wide range of capabilities. CAESAR II includes a full range of the latest international piping codes. It provides static and dynamic analysis of pipe and piping systems and evaluates FRP (fiber reinforced plastic); buried piping; wind, wave, and earthquake loading; expansion joints, valves, flanges and vessel nozzles; pipe components and nozzle flexibilities.
CADWorx Plant CADWorx is an integrated series of CAD software for plant design and automation. An AutoCAD-based system, CADWorx is the next generation software solution, providing intelligent drawing, advanced levels of automation, easy-to-use drafting tools and the world’s only intelligent link between CAD and pipe stress analysis.

CADWorx increases accuracy and improves the quality of deliverables for both designers and engineers. The CADWorx Plant supply the most complete range of tools for hassle-free plant design. Piping, Equipment, HVAC and Cable Trays are all included.

CADWorx Plant Professional CADWorx Plant Professional includes CADWorx Equipment, STEEL, ISOGEN, CADWorx Review and live database links.
CADWorx Steel Professional Plus CADWorx Steel is a full-featured steel modeling package that comes complete with international steel shapes and catalogs. CADWorx Steel provides tools to quickly insert steel members into a design or build complex steel structures with full coping and database capabilities.
CADWorx P&ID CADWorx P&ID software provides users with the flexibility to create process diagrams with varying levels of information and with minimum of effort.
CADWorx P&ID Professional CADWorx P&ID Professional also features CADWorx Loops, CADWorx IP (Internet Publisher®) and live database links.
CADWorx Equipment CADWorx Equipment is a parametric equipment modeller with all the features needed to easily model 3D equipment for plant design. The package lets you accurately build units such as vessels, exchangers, tanks, pumps, etc. quickly and effortlessly. Also, vessels and exchangers can be bi-directionally linked to COADE’s PV Elite package for engineering analysis.
CADWorx fieldPipe CADWorx fieldPipe for Leica fieldPro is the only product that combines Leica Geosystem’s laser precision, Leica fieldPipe’s in-field direct-to-model power and COADE CADWorx Plant Professional’s specification driven AutoCAD based modeling capabilities.
PV Elite PV Elite is a comprehensive program for the complete structural design or analysis of tall towers and horizontal vessels according to latest standards from ASME, PD 5500 (British Code), UBC, EN-13445, API-579 and the Welding Research Council.
TANK TANK is a comprehensive, easy-to-use software program for the design, analysis and evaluation of welded steel oil storage tanks according to the latest API 650 and 653.
PVFabricator Intergraph PV Fabricator has advanced tools for the accurate and speedy production of pressure vessel fabrication deliverables. When linked to Intergraph PV Elite®, PV Fabricator greatly improves the workflow between engineer and designer to increase productivity and reduce the re-work and errors that cause costly overruns and penalties. By producing drawings quickly and more accurately firms can increase throughput and customer satisfaction, thereby winning repeat business.
OrthoGEN for CADWorx OrthoGen for CADWorx Plant Professional enables 2D plans, sections and elevations drawings to be created automatically from CADWorx Plant Professional 3D models. Even in today’s 3D world annotated and dimensioned orthographic drawings are still a required deliverable – OrthoGen reduces this process from hours to only minutes.
Design Review Intergraph CADWorx Drealesign Review allows the review of plant models by designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders. With CADWorx Design Review, everyone shares in the benefits of design collaboration.
CADWorx E&I Intergraph CADWorx E&I includes the most complete tools for efficient instrument and electrical design. It is easy to learn and has helped hundreds of companies create revenue-earning deliverables more quickly and accurately.
FEA Tools PRG FEATools™ improves the quality of Intergraph CAESAR II® users’ analysis for critical service lines by incorporating finite element analysis (FEA) and other empirical sources into the evaluation process. By using Intergraph® CAESAR II in combination with FEATools, analyzed systems are neither over- nor under-designed, but designed with consistent safety factors, which also saves time and money.
Nozzle/PRO PAULIN RESEARCH GROUP NOZZLEPRO™ FOR INTERGRAPH® PV ELITE® AND CAESAR II® . NozzlePRO is a standalone solution that enables users to quickly and easily perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of individual pressure vessel and piping components. Engineers can perform FEA without the need for extensive knowledge of FEA modeling or analysis techniques.
GT-STRUDL Intergraph® GT STRUDL® Structural Modeling, Analysis & Design. For almost 40 years GT STRUDL has been one of the most widely accepted computer-aided engineering and design tools for structural analysis and design. It is trusted and used globally by thousands of engineers to deliver accurate results, quickly and efficiently.
CAESAR II Nuclear Intergraph CAESAR II Nuclear evaluates the structural responses and stresses of nuclear and traditional piping systems to international codes and standards. CAESAR II is the pipe stress analysis standard against which all others are measured.
BRICSCAD Please click here for more information
REAL CAD Choice for Standard CAD Tasks and more. Flexible 2D & 3D CAD software with Native .dwg Support!
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BricsCAD is a full-fledged 2D & 3D CAD software program that offers professionals one of the most advanced and intuitive drawing and modeling solute ons on the market. Add in its low price point and BricsCAD is beyond any other AutoCAD® alternative and AutoCAD® itself. Available in two main editions and open to third-party developers (with a fully implemented API), BricsCAD is the CAD solution you have been searching for to replace your AutoCAD® seats that now require the Desktop Subscription Licensing mandated by Autodesk!
BricsCAD reads and writes .dwg files natively.
Concerned about dwg compatibility between AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®? Don’t be! If you share CAD files with your vendors and suppliers today – let’s be totally honest – you’d be foolish if you weren’t concerned. We understand your fears – a bit of skepticism is healthy, and it is good for your business.
We’re here to prove that BricsCAD is a fast, compatible, elegant and cost-effective replacement for AutoCAD. The core of BricsCAD’s compatibility is in how it creates .dwg – a.k.a. “drawing files” – the file format at the heart of AutoCAD and BricsCAD.
Ribbons & Toolbars

Designed to work the way you want to work! Navigating through drawings becomes easier than ever, thanks to a distinctive ribbon. It’s the fastest way to access tools through our tabbed CAD interface.
If you prefer the Classic Menu and Toolbars drawing interface then BricsCAD has that option too.menu1image67
LookFrom Widget
The LookFrom widget uses a chair to indicate the current view direction. To manipulate the viewpoint, click the arrows that surround the chair icon.

Intelligent QUAD™ Cursor
Speed things up with our context-sensitive Quad™ cursor. The intelligent Quad cursor is an alternative to grip editing entities. While grip glyphs accumulate clutter, the Quad cursor, with its compact size, keeps your screen clean. It does come with a rich set of editing operations. And it’s intelligent: the Quad cursor knows in how many dimensions (2D or 3D) you are drawing and immediately adapts to show commands you need.
Document Tabs
Open multiple documents at once using worksets, and then switch between them quickly using the document tabs.
Settings Manager
The Settings Dialog reports and modifies the current value of all settings in BricsCAD. Settings can be viewed alphabetically or by category and grouped through a tree view. The instant search feature finds settings quickly and intuitively.
One example of the Settings Manager for those that like the AutoCAD Command Promp
Drawing Explorer
The Drawing Explorer is your drawing control center. From here you can see and work with all your object definitions, across all your open drawings. You can browse through and view drawings in your favorite folders, and even insert blocks without the need to open the source drawing. Connect to your Chapoo account to share and manage your drawing projects on the cloud, and create and work with your projects’ sheet sets.
BricsCAD 2D Drafting
BricsCAD provides an intuitive drawing environment to allow the easy production of standard 2D Drawings. From Architectural to Mechanical to anything inbetween, BricsCAD can get the job done. Use your existing dwg block libraries without issue as BricsCAD uses the .dwg format as it’s file format. Simply put, BricsCAD is an AutoCAD® replacement for standard 2D drafting tasks!


BricsCAD has all the standard features you expect in a 2D Draft Package and much more. Take a look at the feature comparison to AutoCAD® and peruse the BricsCAD for AutoCAD® Users book! Bricsys has spent countless hours making the jump to BricsCAD simple and easy. All the features you expect and more in Native dwg! Examples of the features (that don’t even scratch the surface of the BricsCAD experience) include the following:

Annotative Scaling
Annotative scaling of entities allows them to display and print at the correct size for any assigned scale factor. Entities supporting annotative scaling include text, hatches, tables, dimensions, tolerances, and multi-line leaders.

Multi-line leaders quickly create many leaders using predefined properties saved as styles. The annotation of multileaders can be text, blocks, or nothing. Additional formatting includes arrowheads, spline leaders, and linetypes.

Dynamic Dimensions

Dynamic dimensions interactively specify lengths and angles right on the screen, as entities are created and edited.

Grip edit for dynamic blocks

Use multi-function grips to manipulate dynamic blocks directly on-screen: use grips to rotate, flip, scale, align, and change visibility states.
Use the new transparency effect to improve the look of your drawings, such as applying it to solid fills and other objects. BricsCAD lets you set the level of transparency, apply the property directly to objects, and assign transparency through layers.
Web map services
The Map Connect function places maps from Web-based map services into drawings. One or more data layers can be selected for download, which are then inserted in drawings as images.
BricsCAD 3D Modeling
3D direct modeling operations apply to all ACIS solid geometry, whether created in BricsCAD or imported. Need to work on an Assembly? BricsCAD’s 3D Direct Solid Modeling gives you outstanding 3D part and assembly modeling capabilities inside the a Native .dwg.
Traditional two-dimensional drafting techniques do have their uses to describe your parts and assemblies. But being able to build a 3D working model inside BricsCAD – and then pull it apart on the screen for a closer look – makes product design faster, cheaper, and easier. BricsCAD allows you to imagine and create better designs with exacting geometry regardless complexity. Of course, the familiar user interface means you’ll be up to speed quickly.
eTransmiteTransmit creates packages of drawing files, along with all the support files upon which they depend, such as external references, images, fonts, plot configurations, and font maps. The drawings and their dependencies can be copied to a folder or else compressed to a ZIP file. This makes it easy to distribute drawings to clients.
BricsCAD Communicator
High-quality 3D data exchange between major MCAD formats
Out of the box, BricCAD (all versions) provides export/save functionality in ACIS, DWG, 2D PDF, and a variety of raster formats. Sometimes it’s necessary to import / export other file formats reliably and that’s where BricsCAD Communicator steps in.
Import and Export 3D CAD DataThe optional BricsCAD Communicator module enables BricsCAD to exchange 3D data with major CAD programs. Supported formats include neutral ones, such as STEP and IGES; native formats, such as CATIA, Inventor, and SolidWorks; and kernel formats, such as Parasolid.
Note: BricsCAD Communicator requires BricsCAD Professional or BricsCAD Platinum.
Windows and Mac:

  • STE, STP, STEP: Standard for Exchange of Product Data
  • IGS, IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  • CATIA V4: Dassault Systemes
  • ASM, PRT: Creo Elements / Pro Engineer

Windows only:

  • CATIA V5: Dassault Systemes
  • IAM, IPT: Autodesk Inventor
  • PARASOLID: : Siemens PLM Systems
  • PAR, PSM: Solid Edge
  • PRT: NX
  • SLDASM, SLDPRT: Solidworks
  • JT: Siemens

Windows and Mac:

  • STE, STP, STEP: Standard for Exchange of Product data
  • IGS, IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  • CATIA V4: Dassault Systems

Windows only:

  • CATIA V5: Dassault Systems
  • 3D PDF: Adobe
BricsCAD Cloud: (Code Name: Chapoo)
Free-To-Use CAD Platform Included with All Editions!
Chapoo is the CAD Cloud Platform. Manage documents, assign tasks, automate processes and communicate with others. BricsCAD Cloud gets the job done in real-time.
Working together just got easier
With Chapoo, all of your colleagues can view and annotate dwg files. Chapoo’s cloud services allow you to communicate, manage files, assign tasks to project collaborators and automate processes. You can drag-and-drop reports and analyze live data in our cloud services any time you want and anywhere you are.
Upload Drawings to Chapoo including x-refs
Whenever you’ve finished drawing a plan in BricsCAD, upload the dwg to Chapoo and share them with your team. All x-refs can be included.
Chapoo Viewer Optimized
View and Annotate Drawing Files (.dwg) with the Chapoo Viewer on your computer or with the free Chapoo Tablet App.
Document Revision Control with Chapoo
Easily keep track of different versions of your drawing with Chapoo.
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BricsCAD Sheet Metal – Intelligent sheet metal design
Create sheet metal parts using the most intuitive 3D direct modeling techniques. Sheet Metal is available on BricsCAD Platinum.
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Sheet Metal design done right with BricsCADCreating new sheet metal parts or reworking existing ones? BricsCAD is your best choice. It is free of conceptual mistakes of history-based MCAD software. You will never need to restart your design from scratch, because we guarantee maximum flexibility for changing your models by combining the freedom of direct modeling with the power of feature-based design.
Create your Sheet Metal partsStart from 2D profiles, 3D curves, 3D solids, or imported parts and assemblies. Create complex parts with lofted bends or automatically recognize them in imported geometry.

  • Create base flanges from 2D profiles
  • Create lofted bends from 3D curves
  • Make shells from 3D solids
  • Import sheet metal parts from other CAD systems

Rework your design
Rework your sheet metal part without limit

  • Add flanges by pulling edges
  • Move and rotate flanges
  • Split and connect flanges
  • Add corner and bend reliefs
  • Convert hard edges to bends and junctions
  • Switch between bends and junctions
  • Choose type of corner reliefs (rectangular, circular or v-shape)
  • Delete redundant flanges
  • Re-thicken and repair sheet metal bodies
Finish your sheet metal model
To prepare your design for manufacturing, sheet metal parts can be unfolded automatically and then exported to 2D .dxf or 3D .osm files for further processing with a variety of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems – for nesting, cutting, and bending.
Unfold sheet metal bodies
Export flat patterns
Send 3D models to CAM systems
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BricsCAD BIM: From sketch, to BIM, to detail.
Combine the accuracy of solid modeling with the simplicity of sketching programs.
From V17, the BIM functionality will be available as an optional module that is licensed separately. As a loyal Platinum All-In subscriber you’ll receive this module for free.Click here to build a modern villa with BIM in 10 steps
Modeling in BricsCAD BIM
One program for everything
With BricsCAD BIM you can design walls, windows, doors and more from scratch, or use the extensive design sets to just drag and drop elements. Easy, fast and smart.
Finish your project on time and on budget
cir2Use BIM for all stages, from sketch, to BIM, to detail cir3Increase productivity and explore more designs cir4
Manage your BIM project in the cloud with Chapoo
Conceptual design
Combine the accuracy of solid modeling with the simplicity of the most popular Sketch programs – 3D modeling becomes as simple as push/pull
In the conceptual phase don’t bother too much about which materials or compositions you want to use. BricsCAD BIM is designed to allow for such decisions at all times during the process.
Thanks to its built-in Artificial Intelligence Engine, BricsCAD intelligently distinguishes walls, columns, beams and other building elements from one another. BricsCAD classifies the used elements automatically.
The BIM process
Here, the conceptual model starts to evolve into a full-fledged BIM project. Provide the model with the required level of detail and connect your database. Then, start generating the required reports and keep them synced with each modification.
After the conceptual design is approved, there’s no need to start all over again. Just add more data to the model until it becomes a mature BIM project.
The system contains a powerful database which you can customize to your own needs and working habits. It contains all tools required for building your office-standard database.
Continue to use your favorite 2D drafting platform and keep all your work in the loop. Seamlessly connect your 2D and 3D details to the BIM model.
2D will always be part of completing a building project. BricsCAD BIM allows you to keep using your familiar .dwg platform while working in the BIM frame. No need to switch to another file format for completing your details. You can now safely complement your automatically generated details with text and annotations. BricsCAD BIM will alert you of any new modification potentially influencing your annotations.
Cloud collaboration
Exchange models and details with others via the cloud. Use the IFC standard to check – back and forth – information in other models*. Allow others to view and explore combined 3D geometry and data in the 3D browser-based viewer*.
Want to check your models with those of other disciplines (e.g. MEP or structural)? BricsCAD BIM comes with IFC import and export functions, allowing you to compare side by side.
Enhanced BIM functions
With BricsCAD BIM you can design walls, windows, doors and more from scratch, or use the extensive design sets to just drag and drop elements. Easy, fast and smart.
BricsCAD BIM allows you to easily modify positions and dimensions. To design walls in BIM, draw their footprints in 2D and then pull them up to the desired level. You can also specify their level by entering dimensions interactively.
Windows and doors
Arrays of windows and doors are included in the BricsCAD BIM design sets. To specify windows and doors, choose or modify a design from the library or create your own designs from scratch.
Easily attach information to building elements
promenuBIM allows you to attach information to building elements with the very same flexibility you find in BricsCAD 3D modeling. The software stores building materials and compositions in its project database, which is accessible through the dockable BIM panel.
Building materials contain information about specific materials along with layer names and rendering definitions. You can add a custom number of tags to a building composition. Those tags will serve as a filter when searching through your database for compositions.
Reuse compositions across projects
The library database included with BricsCAD allows you to reuse compositions and building materials across multiple BIM projects. To share information among databases, simply drag building materials and compositions from one database to
Drawing generation
The redesigned drawing generation feature lets you generate sheet sets in just seconds. The dockable sheet set manager offers smooth navigation between the project drawings.
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Foundation3D Foundation3D is a spread and combined footing analysis/design tool that completes soil or pile supported foundation for industrial equipment such as horizontal exchanger, horizontal vessel, vertical vessel or tower, pipe racks and other miscellaneous plant design supports with minimal input.
Shaft3D Shaft3D is a shaft foundation design program that completes the design of a shaft in seconds. Drilled Shaft, also commonly known as Drilled Pier or Caisson. With Shaft3D, you can complete your complex work process from inputting loads to obtaining a detailed design sketch in a matter of seconds.
Mat3D Mat3D is a general multi-pier mat foundation analysis/design tool that completes soil or pile supported foundation with minimal input.
Combine3D Combined3D is a general spread and combined footing analysis/design tool that completes soil or pile supported foundation with minimal input.
DSAnchor DSAnchor simplifies anchor design with an intuitive graphical interface and provides an easy way to determine safe anchorage for securing equipment or structures. It completes repetitive and computation intensive calculations in seconds. Some of the features of DSAnchor include:

Anchor Design in accordance with Appendix D – ACI 318-02, ACI 318-05

Cast-in and post-installed anchor design covered under Appendix D – ACI 318

PRG Please click here for more information
Paulin Research Group (PRG) Release – Update

Software Release: Version 6.6 of FE/Pipe and version 8.6 of NozzlePRO have now been released.

This release includes new functionality, significant enhancements to current functionality, and improved GUIs.

Customers must request a download of the new release and must be current on their support agreement to do so.

FE/PIPE FE/Pipe is a template-driven Finite Element software package, specifically designed for the needs of the piping and pressure vessel industries. FE/Pipe generates automatic code compliance reports – comparisons to ASME Section VIII, Division 2, Appendix 4 and 5 rules and stress categories.
NOZZLEPRO Nozzle/PRO is a template-driven Finite Element software package, specifically designed to quickly and easily evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips.
FE107 FE107 uses finite element technology to provide stress analysis of nozzle connections on piping and pressure vessel. FE107 replaces WRC 107 as a calculation tool that can be applied when WRC 107 correlational methods are limited.
FEBend FEBend is a finite element analysis program for analyzing bends and elbows with a round pipe or structural steel attachment.
FESIF FESIF is a finite element based computer program that automatically calculates stress intensification factor (SIF) and flexibility factors for a wide range of piping intersections not covered by the B31 piping codes.
AXIPRO Axi/PRO is a powerful, easy to use axisymmetric and brick finite element modeler, for analyzing flanged joints and other axisymmetric geometries.
Mat/PRO Mat/PRO is a materials database that includes apart from standard properties High Temperature Curves, Creep-Fatigue Interaction using output from CAESAR II or FE/Pipe, Allowable Stress Plots (ASME VIII Div 1&2)
Mesh/PRO Mesh/PRO is an Interface between FE/Pipe and AutoCAD.
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CADVault CADVault allows AutoCAD® users to secure both graphical and non-graphical elements within an AutoCAD drawing file by embedding those elements into an electronic vault object. The vault object is a self contained graphical entity that can place restrictions on how the embedded elements may be used or exposed depending on the credentials of the person using the drawing file.
flaretot Please click here for more information
FLARETOT Flaretot is developed by Flaretot Limited based in UK a leading supplier of technical software and in providing consulting to oil & gas industry. Flaretot® professional package is an integrated flare software solution for all aspects of flare system design. This software has been developed and compiled by engineers with total over 125 years of experience in flare system design, fabrication and operation. Key features of Flaretot® Professional are: a powerful graphic interface to define the flare piping network with piping class management and pipe sizing to meet project standards and requirements. Comprehensive and clear case management from individual relief loads management through to flare system load scenarios. With 10 integrated calculation modules for associated flare system and equipment calculations comprising Flare radiation, atmospheric dispersion, relief case load calculations and relief valve sizing, vessel depressurization (blowdown), flare knockout drum design, structural steel temperature rise from flare radiation, physical properties calculator, noise calculations, purge gas requirements and a unit conversion module.
SEH Please click here for more information
Since the early nineties, SEH has been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of network printing solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes internal and external print servers for all common network and cabling types: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optics, and Wireless LAN. Moreover, it comprises enhanced network printing solutions for efficient spooling management and transparent print cost controlling. SEH also has a strong focus on bandwidth-optimised solutions for ThinPrint environments (e.g. server-based computing, virtual desktop infrastructures) as well as on security for network printing. All products are developed and produced at the company’s headquarters at Bielefeld, Germany. Worldwide distribution is via SEH’s US and UK subsidiaries and an extensive network of partners, distributors, and resellers. The installed base of SEH products exceeds 800,000 units worldwide. In development and sales, SEH closely co-operates with many leading printer manufacturers, including CITIZEN, ENCAD, EPSON, HP, KONICA MINOLTA, KYOCERA, MUTOH, OC, OKI, PSi, ROLAND, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA TEC, UTAX, and ZEBRA.
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Dynamic solutions for a fluid world™
Whether you’re modeling gas or liquid piping systems, perfecting your system design, studying your system’s transient behavior or need fluid property data, AFT has the engineering software tools to meet your needs.
AFT Fathom
AFT Fathom
Incompressible Pipe Flow Network Analysis & System Modeling
The most comprehensive system modeling software available with powerful incompressible pipe network flow analysis, heat transfer and built-in tools for modeling a wide range of piping system components.
AFT Fathom
AFT Fathom Modules
Building on the most comprehensive piping system modeling software for incompressible flow systems, the AFT Fathom™ modules extend modeling capabilities into three areas-

eXtended Time Simulation to model dynamic system behavior

Goal Seek and Control to automate the determination of input parameters that will yield desired output values and simulate control functions within systems

Settling Slurry models the effects of pumping fluids containing settling solids

AFT Impulse
AFT Impulse
Waterhammer/Surge Transient Pipe Flow Network Analysis
Waterhammer/Surge transients for liquid pipe networks. Transient modeling capabilities include pump speed variation, valve open/closure, relief valves, liquid level change, accumulator and surge tanks and more.
AFT Arrow
AFT Arrow
Compressible Pipe Flow Network Analysis
Powerful compressible flow pipe network flow analysis and system modeling including adiabatic, isothermal and generalized heat transfer, modeling velocities up to and including sonic choking.
AFT Arrow
AFT Arrow Modules
Building on the most comprehensive piping system modeling software for compressible flow systems, the AFT Arrow™ modules extend modeling capabilities two ways

Goal Seek and Control to automate the determination of input parameters that will yield desired output values and simulate control functions within systems

CoST calculations of pipes and components.

AFT Mercury
AFT Mercury
Piping System Optimization for Incompressible Flow
All of the powerful pipe flow system modeling capabilities of AFT Fathom coupled with an advanced optimization engine to provide the piping and ducting systems engineer with the first practical tool to truly optimize for minimum cost, size or weight. AFT Mercury automatically selects optimal pipe and component sizes to produce dramatic savings in materials, installation, energy and other costs associated with your piping or ducting system.
AFT Titan
AFT Titan
Piping System Optimization for Compressible Flow
All of the powerful pipe flow system modeling capabilities of AFT Arrow coupled with an advanced optimization engine to provide the piping and ducting systems engineer with the first practical tool to truly optimize for minimum cost, size or weight for a wide range of gas piping and ducting systems. AFT Arrow automatically selects optimal pipe and component sizes to produce dramatic savings in materials, installation, energy and other costs associated with your piping or ducting system.
AFT SteamCalc
AFT SteamCalc
Thermophysical properties for water, steam and steam/water mixtures with tabular and graphical output.
AFT Engineering Utility Suite
AFT Engineering Utility Suite
A suite of eight utilities including; incompressible and compressible flow pipe sizing, convective heat transfer coefficient calculator, nozzle, orifice and venturi sizing, Reynolds number calculator, friction factor calculator, thermal/fluid engineering unit converter, two-phase flow mapping.
Chempak Suite
Chempak Suite
Chempak provides a property database of up to 700 fluids and mixing capability to AFT Fathom, Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT Titan and AFT Mercury. AFT Chempak Viewer allows the Chempak database to be used as a stand alone application while AFT Chempak Add-in makes the database information accessible within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.


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