PCLGold applies FEA accuracy to standard pipe stress analysis. It does proper analysis external piping loads, pressure cycling.

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Paulin Research Group PCL-Gold

PRG is proud to announce our new pipe stress program, PCLGold, currently bundled with FEPipe.  All FE/Pipe customers who are current on their support will receive access to PCL-Gold as a part of their service plan.

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What separates PCL-Gold from the rest of the general pipe stress tools?

PCL-Gold provides detailed run/branch i-factors and k-factors for axial loads, torsion and pressures which aren’t included in the current version of B31.3. PCL-Gold provides automatic FEA modelling of the actual industry variation observed in welding tees (considered the most dependable branch connection product on the market). B31.3 Eq. 1d multiple load case fatigue modelling is automatic. The user does not select load cases or differences. The program finds the worst fatigue range between load cases automatically. PCL-Gold includes a path dependent friction solver that considers the order of loading in the stress analysis.

Why should I use PCL-Gold?

For piping systems in which there are well-known weaknesses in Code approaches, PCL-Gold provides an alternative method for determining if the weakness can cause a potential problem. Most noted areas are: • The system suffers a significant number of thermal cycles • Hazop studies • Pressure design, • Rotating equipment loads (automatic k-factors are generated to produce proper load distribution in the piping system) When there is a critical piping system that has a chance for load estimate errors, PCL-Gold should be used as a backup calculation to verify that the full range of potential problem areas are considered (automatically).

How do I get PCL-Gold?

PCL-Gold is available as a part of an active FE/Pipe service plan. FE/Pipe users who are current on their SMS automatically receive access to PCL-Gold.


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