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3D direct modeling operations apply to all ACIS solid geometry, whether created in BricsCAD or imported. Need to work on an Assembly? BricsCAD’s 3D Direct Solid Modeling gives you outstanding 3D part and assembly modeling capabilities inside the a Native .dwg.
Traditional two-dimensional drafting techniques do have their uses to describe your parts and assemblies. But being able to build a 3D working model inside BricsCAD – and then pull it apart on the screen for a closer look – makes product design faster, cheaper, and easier. BricsCAD allows you to imagine and create better designs with exacting geometry regardless complexity. Of course, the familiar user interface means you’ll be up to speed quickly.

eTransmit creates packages of drawing files, along with all the support files upon which they depend, such as external references, images, fonts, plot configurations, and font maps. The drawings and their dependencies can be copied to a folder or else compressed to a ZIP file. This makes it easy to distribute drawings to clients.


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