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BricsCAD 2D Drafting
BricsCAD provides an intuitive drawing environment to allow the easy production of standard 2D Drawings.  From Architectural to Mechanical to anything inbetween, BricsCAD can get the job done.  Use your existing dwg block libraries without issue as BricsCAD uses the .dwg format as it’s file format.  Simply put, BricsCAD is an AutoCAD® replacement for standard 2D drafting tasks!


BricsCAD has all the standard features you expect in a 2D Draft Package and much more.  Take a look at the feature comparison to AutoCAD® and peruse the BricsCAD for AutoCAD® Users book!  Bricsys has spent countless hours making the jump to BricsCAD simple and easy.  All the features you expect and more in Native dwg!  Examples of the features (that don’t even scratch the surface of the BricsCAD experience) include the following:
Annotative Scaling
Annotative scaling of entities allows them to display and print at the correct size for any assigned scale factor. Entities supporting annotative scaling include text, hatches, tables, dimensions, tolerances, and multi-line leaders.
Multi-line leaders quickly create many leaders using predefined properties saved as styles. The annotation of multileaders can be text, blocks, or nothing. Additional formatting includes arrowheads, spline leaders, and linetypes.
Dynamic Dimensions
Dynamic dimensions interactively specify lengths and angles right on the screen, as entities are created and edited.
Grip edit for dynamic blocks
Use multi-function grips to manipulate dynamic blocks directly on-screen: use grips to rotate, flip, scale, align, and change visibility states.
Use the new transparency effect to improve the look of your drawings, such as applying it to solid fills and other objects. BricsCAD lets you set the level of transparency, apply the property directly to objects, and assign transparency through layers.
Web map services
The Map Connect function places maps from Web-based map services into drawings. One or more data layers can be selected for download, which are then inserted in drawings as images.


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